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4 Easy Steps 4 Easy Steps

Most insurance agencies take weeks to get information about your employees, ask you question after question, and finally give you a quote that may or may not be what you want for your employees. At BHQ we have taken that entire process out of the equation and left it in your hands. There’s no need for the back and forth with an insurance agent. Just a simple and easy process for you to take as much time as you want to take to shop for you company’s health insurance. Whether its 30 minutes or 5 hours. It’s totally up to you.

Why BHQ?
Benefit Headquarters (BHQ) is a powerful tool that provides you with business medical health insurance quotes from all carriers in your area within minutes. Traditionally, this rigorous process could take weeks.

Now, BHQ is here to help save us all time and money! BHQ is a completely free, yet invaluable tool that will provide the small business community in Nevada with a fast and simple way to quote Medical Health Insurance.

BHQ works closely with all Medical Health Insurance Companies in Nevada to provide you with up-to-date health insurance plans. We are proud of the system we created because we believe it will make a world of difference in how you shop for health insurance. BHQ is committed to providing you with current information. BHQ is continuously being updated with newly available plans offered by each health insurance company, so you can confidently compare quotes.

Traditionally, this rigorous process would take weeks, but it was the only option in comparing employee benefit plans. The process was old-fashioned and time consuming, but not anymore!

What makes BHQ different?
Based on our research, BHQ is the only company in Nevada that gives instant results! We are here to help save you time and money! Your business has a purpose.

That purpose probably isn’t to go from company to company, providing the same information over and over, gathering plan quotes and mulling over which plan will be best. We want you to get all the quotes in one easy step as quickly as possible to make the purchasing your plan easy and efficient so that you can get back to the real work of your business.

BHQ gives you the tools to skip the wait, move forward with efficiency and go straight to deciding what is the best-fit health insurance plan for your small business. BHQ is a one stop shop, where you can compare all medical plans offered in your area with just a few clicks.